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How to Get An Extra 2-3 Clients a Month by Targeting Pre-Sold Prospects — Using Highly Relevant Outbound at Scale

...Starting In As Little As 14 Days Without Depending on Referrals, Paid Ads, or Expanding Sales Teams

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Our Clients' Words

How Maxify Marketing Went From Zero Outbound Meetings to Securing Two New Clients in the First Month

"In the same time that we started working my business has really, really, picked up, and we started much more consistently adding clients."

"You’ve become very much like an employee I can trust, you go out and you do your job and you do a good job and you get better consistently and therefore it takes that burden off me as opposed to becoming a burden."

"Absolutely would recommend you and your services for other marketing agencies that need the steady consistencies that email marketing can bring.”

- Tim Palmer, CEO, Maxify Marketing

How Skayle 360 Closed an Extra $20K in Revenue in the First 2 Weeks of Working Together

“Helped me drive new revenue and new business for this year…so it’s definitely been a win.”

"You were very responsive to me every step of the way, frankly, you were someone that I could trust…all of your language made sense to me and just really provided me with reassurance, whereas other companies didn’t speak that same language."

"I feel very comfortable recommending anyone to you and I think they'll have a great experience."

- Chris Ciunci, CEO, Skayle 360
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What We Do

                      Imagine a system that brings in new clients and customers on demand, so you can stop relying on referrals, word of mouth, and blind luck. This is where we step in. We build, test, and automate your company's cold email outbound client acquisition process - 100% done for you. With a strategy tailored specifically for your agency, this system is engineered to not only attract but also convert more of your ideal clients.

How IT Works

01 - Book a Call
01 - Book a Call

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current goals and bottlenecks and to see if you qualify. This is NOT a sales call. This is for us to better understand you, your business, and how we could help. We only partner with agencies we're 100% confident we can deliver results for, if it turns out we're not the right match, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

02 - Complete Onboarding
02 - Complete Onboarding

After completing the onboarding form and call, we'll then use all the information you gave us to meticulously create your outbound campaigns and take care of the technical setup.

03 - Launch Campaign
03 - Launch Campaign

Exactly two weeks after onboarding is complete, upon your approval, we'll launch your first campaign.

04 - Sales Meetings Delivered
04 - Sales Meetings Delivered

Now, you can sit back and watch as the meetings start to flow in. Our team will take care of responding to and nurturing the emails, ensuring they transform into booked sales calls on your calendar.

05 - Iterate & Improve
05 - Iterate & Improve

Leveraging real-time insights, data, and market feedback, we continuously refine our strategy to make sure that the emails are always booking you meetings.

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Success screenshots of booked calls from clients worked with Kadel SolutionsSuccess screenshots of booked calls from clients worked with Kadel Solutions
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What method are you using to outreach prospects?

Cold email.

What do I have to do?

Complete the onboarding form and call, then join our Slack for ongoing communication.

After this, the entire process is 100% done for you, all you have to do is show up to the meetings and sell your service.

How much does this cost?

Everything we do is custom. Our pricing model is determined by factors specific to your business such as target audience, volume, LTV, closing rate, and more.

How long does it take to see results?

As soon as the onboarding form is filled out, we start warming up inboxes, a process that takes exactly two weeks.
Most of our clients start seeing results after one month of outreach.

However, the timeline can vary; some might see results as soon as the first day following this warm-up period, or it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days for testing and optimizations.

We iterate quickly to do this as fast as possible.

How do you ensure that the prospects are already "pre-sold"?

Cold email has A LOT of friction, meaning if someone is not interested in your offer, they can simply just ignore it. On the flip slide, if someone is interested enough to click on your email, read it, reply to it, schedule a call, and then attend that call, it's a huge indicator they're truly interested in what you're offering.

Also, the key decision makers that we connect you with are most often really busy and for them to take the time out of their day just for a friendly chat is highly unlikely.

What if the prospects don't show up?

If the prospect doesn't show up you don't pay.

We'll follow up diligently to find out why and then work to schedule them back on your calendar.

Are you using our emails and domains for outreach?

No, we create completely new email accounts and domains for outreach and we direct these new domains to your existing one.

Whose name do you use when reaching out to prospects?

You have the option to use your name, a sales rep’s name, or we can even create an AI-generated persona for you.

However, considering your existing digital footprint, we suggest using your name or a sales rep’s because it helps build trust and credibility.

Can’t I just do this myself?

While it’s possible to do this yourself, it’ll take you months just to get the system up and running, and even longer to understand all the intricate nuances needed to make it profitable.

Managing and optimizing the system will take up hours of your time, and you can anticipate dedicating weeks, and possibly even months identifying the outbound messages that deliver results versus those that do not.

Why should I outsource cold email?

Outsourcing to us bypasses the long setup and learning curve, putting your cold emails in expert hands.

Our team has the experience, technology, and insights to ensure your outreach is both efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we generate leads and drive sales.

About us

Aaron photo the ceo of Kadel Solutions
Aaron Ensminger
Founder & CEO (Cold Email Officer)

Lead generation is a significant pain point for many B2B companies, nearly 70% identify it as their biggest hurdle to jump.

As an agency owner relying on referrals and word-of-mouth, the hurdle of consistent lead generation rises even higher.

Taking time out of client fulfillment to focus on client acquisition is just not realistic. Coupled with the daily responsibilities of running your agency, it’s easy to get distracted from the bigger picture, making the task of predictably adding clients to your roster a heavy burden.

At KADEL, our mission is to remove this burden, so you can work ON your business rather than IN it.

We will help you get off the endless rollercoaster of feast or famine client pipelines, freeing you up to focus on the work that truly drives your business forward.

Based out of San Diego, California, all work is performed in-house. No outsourcing, shady shortcuts, or cutting corners, with month-to-month contracts.

If you’re paying for results and the company doesn’t deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?

Turn the Tide: From Surviving to Thriving.

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